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I think bronies are a reaction to the U.S. having been engrossed in terrorism for past ten years, living on the edge the same way my generation lived through the Cold War. They’re tired of being afraid, tired of angst and animosity. They want to go somewhere a lot more pleasant.



Better question: What could possibly…

Maybe the fact that MLP and Zelda are two things that should never be combined? Two legitimate fandoms being combined is perfectly fine, but something as childish and stupid as MLP being combined with something as creative and brilliant as Zelda is ridiculous. “Ponies”, “Bronies” and whatever else you idiots would like to call yourselves really think too highly of something as imbecilic as MLP. Of course, that is likely just a reflection of what that fandom is like.

Oh, btw, nice job trying to make your argument seem more credible than label-me-insane’s by using your age as a weapon. Your opinion became invalid the moment you started running a MLP blog.

Don’t worry. You mellow out as you get older. Animation is just animation. Cuteness is just cuteness.
Fandoms are just fandoms.
I just can’t be mad at someone (or discredit their lives or opinions) because they like a tele series. Perhaps I’m just normal like that! But you’re totally validated in discrediting all the thoughts I could have based on the fact that I like a television show. Yup!
Also, I heard about MLP for the first time while living in Germany. Saw your name. Random factoid! Gosh I miss Germany.

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Awh, man! I was already hungry!

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We have no propane to use the oven, and I have to use the toaster oven for this stuff and well…

I really don’t want to paint over it. The way it burned is so cool!

Also, I hope it looks deer like!

I still hope petit-bambi will like it

Wow! I say DON’T paint over it! It looks awesome!


so this has been my project the last few days. I finally just got sick of pinklestia.

the eye is a rough practice of how I want to repaint the toy. I’m still debating painting the hair.

Wowww. Nicely done!


And I don’t care who knows it. :D